Land Divisions & Boundary Line Adjustments

Land divisions, boundary line adjustments, and lot combinations are all different ways to alter the dimensions of a lot (or set of contiguous lots). All of these actions require the appropriate permit, and may not be applicable to every circumstance. Contact the Clallam County Planning Department for further information.


Land Division

A "land division" shall include any application for division of land which includes subdivision, planned unit development, binding site plan, short subdivision, or a large lot division.

The ability to divide a parcel depends on the density and dimensional requirements of the underlying zone. Other factors in the ability to divide include the presence of Critical Areas, site registration status, water availability, and determining legal access to the development. These standards are described in depth within Chapter 29.30 CCC.

Land Divisions have a two-step approval process. First is preliminary approval, either administratively or through the Public Hearing Process. The second is to finalize the permit through meeting a set of conditions (along with the submittal of a survey) as outlined within the preliminary approval report. The land division is considered complete when the final plat is recorded with the Auditor.

Binding Site Plans

Binding site plans are a variety of land division required for the development of RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks. Standards specific to these types of development can be found within Chapter 29.35 CCC.

SEPA Environmental Checklist

The submittal and review of a SEPA Environmental Checklist is required for all Land Divisions that are on lands wholly or partly covered by water per Chapter 197-11-800 WAC. This includes all wetlands, streams, rivers, ponds, and shorelines shown on our Critical Area Map.

Boundary Line Adjustment

A Boundary Line Adjustment is the transfer of a portion of a parcel of land to an adjacent property owner (or between two parcels owned by one person) which modifies the size or shape of either parcel without creating any additional parcels.

The ability to adjust a boundary line will be determined by the dimensional requirements for the underlying zone. If any of the parcels are going from over five acres in size to under five acres, a Land Division Application is required instead of a Boundary Line Adjustment.

Much like the land division process, Boundary Line Adjustments are a two-step process involving administrative preliminary approval, and then a finalization process with the submittal of a survey. Once the final plat is recorded with the Auditor, the Boundary Line Adjustment is deemed complete.

Lot Combination

If you wish to combine parcels or lots into one buildable parcel, a Lot Combination is the process required. A Lot Combination Application as well as a Lot Covenant shall be filled out and submitted to the Clallam County Planning Department. After preliminary approval, the Lot Covenant will be recorded at the Auditor’s Office and be legally binding.

Do keep in mind that once two lots are combined, they may not be able to be divided due to density and minimum lot size requirements of the underlying zone. Please contact the Planning Department prior to application to verify this information.