Conditional Use Permits

Conditional uses are those activities or structures permitted in a zoning district through a special permitting process with public input. The use must be determined consistent and appropriate within the character of the neighborhood.

Each Zoning District has a listing of Approved Uses, Conditional Uses, and Prohibited Uses. The listing of uses is available on the Zoning page, or can be accessed from the Web Maps, by viewing the parcel with Hyperlink tool, then accessing the zoning designation link on the parcel page.

If your intended use is not specifically listed, authorization of a similar use may be permitted through a Conditional Use Permit, CCC 33.40.050.

View the Text of Conditional Use Code 33.27.

The Conditional Use Permit application will be heard by the Clallam County Hearing Examiner. The Department of Community Development staff will provide the Examiner with a report of their recommendation, with exhibits. Within ten working days after the public hearing is closed a decision is rendered. Click here for more details on the Hearing Examiner Process.

View the Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF).

Conditional Use Permit Applications are open to Public Comment for a period of time prior to the Hearing Examiner's Decision. Review and comment on any Open Development Permit.