Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Maps

Exhibit A: 2021 Clallam County Shoreline Environmental Designation Maps

SED Index Map 2018

View the SED Index Clickable Map 2018 (PDF) to geographically select an area or select one of the map collection files by area name.

View the Exhibit A Summary (PDF) for a description of the Shoreline Environmental Designation Maps available on this page.

Caution: Map files are large due to addition of OrthoPhotos and may take extra time to download.

Map Collection

  1. 01. Miller Peninsula (PDF)
  2. 02. Sequim Bay South Vicinity (PDF)
  3. 03. Sequim Bay North, Gibson and Travis Spit Vicinity (PDF)
  4. 04. Lower Dungeness River Vicinity (PDF)
  5. 05. Mid-Dungeness River Vicinity (PDF)
  6. 06. Upper-Dungeness River and Gray Wolf River Vicinity (PDF)
  7. 07. Dungeness Bay Vicinity (PDF)
  8. 08. Dungeness Bluffs and Mc Donald Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  9. 09. Upper Mc Donald Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  10. 10. Lower Morse Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  11. 11. Upper Morse Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  12. 12. Elwha River and Freshwater Bay Vicinity (PDF)
  13. 13. Mid-Elwha River Vicinity (PDF)
  14. 14. Upper Elwha and Little River and Indian Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  15. 15. Lake Sutherland Vicinity (PDF)
  16. 16. Crescent Bay and Salt Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  17. 17. Lyre River and Low Point Vicinity (PDF)
  18. 18. East and West Twin River Vicinity (PDF)
  19. 19. Deep Creek and Twin River Vicinity (PDF)
  20. 20. Pillar Point and Pysht River South Vicinity (PDF)
  21. 21. Upper Pysht River Vicinity (PDF)
  22. 22. Strait West of Pillar Point to Clallam River Vicinity (PDF)
  23. 23. Clallam Bay and Sekiu Vicinity (PDF)
  24. 24. Upper Clallam River Vicinity (PDF)
  25. 25. Kudaka Point, Lower Sekiu and Hoko River Vicinity (PDF)
  26. 26. Mid-Hoko River Vicinity (PDF)
  27. 27. Upper Hoko and Upper Big River Vicinity (PDF)
  28. 28. Lower Big River and Lower Umbrella Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  29. 29. Bullman Beach Vicinity (PDF)
  30. 30. Dickey River Vicinity (PDF)
  31. 31. Quillayute River to Mouth Vicinity (PDF)
  32. 32. Lower Sol Duc and Bogachiel River Vicinity (PDF)
  33. 33. Upper Bogachiel River Vicinity (PDF)
  34. 34. Forks and Calawah Vicinity (PDF)
  35. 35. Sol Duc and Calawah River Vicinity (PDF)
  36. 36. Mid-Sol Duc River and Shuwah Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  37. 37. Lake Pleasant Vicinity (PDF)
  38. 38. Beaver Lake and Beaver Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  39. 39. Upper Sol Duc and Lower Bear Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  40. 40. Upper Sol Duc and Upper Bear Creek Vicinity (PDF)
  41. 41. Upper Sol Duc River, Camp and Goodman Creek Vicinity (PDF)