Planning Division

There are over 50 zones within Clallam County, each with its own unique rules and regulations regarding use and development. All zones and their allowed uses can be found in Chapter 33 CCC. What is allowed on any individual parcel is dependent on the zoning of the parcel. The best way to determine the zoning is to use the Multipurpose Map (by selecting the “Zoning” layer) or Parcel Search.

Definitions for all uses can be found in Chapter 33.03 CCC. Uses within each zone fall into three categories:

  • Allowed – a use or structure which is allowed outright by this chapter in one or more zones without issuance of a conditional use permit but remains subject to all other development regulations applicable to the proposal.
  • Conditional – an activity or structure which is permitted in a zoning district through a special permitting process with public input and a determination that the proposed use is consistent with applicable land use regulations and the character of the neighborhood. Conditional Uses require a Conditional Use Permit prior to development.
  • Prohibited – the use is not allowed under any circumstances within the zone. Variances may not be allowed regarding land uses permitted in each zone per Chapter 33.30.020 CCC. Operating a prohibited use of the zone is subject to enforcement and provisions of Chapter 33.59 CCC.

Please contact the Clallam County Planning Department at 360-417-2420 or for further information.

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