Superior Court Clerk E-Filing

E-filing with the Superior Court Clerk's Office is not mandatory; documents are still accepted in person or by mail.

An E-filed document is considered filed after it is reviewed and accepted during the Clerk's business hours; otherwise, the document is considered filed at the beginning of the next business day. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm, except for Clallam County scheduled holidays. A confirmation email will be sent to the filing party along with a confirmed copy of the document. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call the Clerk's office at 360-417-2231 before re-submitting any documents.


To register for E-Filing in Superior Court select the Request Access to Site hyperlink on our E-File Sign In page. Complete each field and select the Submit button. Please allow us 24 hours to respond to your request for access. If your request is sent over the weekend or on a scheduled county holiday, your request will be reviewed when the Clerk's Office is again open. Once your access has been granted, simply enter the email and password you used to register to gain access to our E-File portal.

To Register or If you are already registered; you can find our E-File Portal here. Superior Court Clerk E-Filing

Submittal Instructions

All E-filings must meet formatting requirements for electronically filed documents as defined in GR14. You may e-file documents in established cases. Documents can be submitted in .pdf or .tiff formats. Color or grayscale documents will be rejected. 

E-Filing a new case pleading will not be accepted. You will need to mail or drop off the appropriate pleadings to start your case along with the applicable filing fees and any copies you'd like confirmed. We will mail those back to you in a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope that you provide. Once your case is established and you have a Superior Court case number; you may file any future filing via our E-Filing portal.

Bench Copies

If you have E-filed a document within five business days of your scheduled hearing, you must also deliver to the court a hard copy of all that you have filed. The hard copy should have the words "bench copy" hand-written at the top of the first page and state the date and time of the hearing. The hard copy must be delivered at least twenty-four hours prior to your scheduled hearing.

E-Submission of your Bench Copies / Orders

For a fee (see the table below) bench copies and orders can be submitted through the Clerk's E-File Portal. Please submit these as one document in.pdf or.tif format. The Clerk's office will provide your bench copies/orders to the Court on your behalf; after doing so they will not be retained by the Clerk's Office. Please notify us so we can collect the appropriate fees prior to your E-Submission.

  • First 100 pages $10
  • Each additional 50 pages $5

Paying Filing Fees

Prior to E-Filing a document that requires payment please email the Clerk's office to notify us so we can collect the appropriate fee prior to your submittal.

Common documents that require a fee:

  • Jury Demand
  • Counter / Cross-Claim
  • Modification
  • Objection to Relocation
  • Notice of Appeal, etc. (for a full list of fees please see our fee schedule (PDF))

Attorney Signature

For purposes of e-filing an attorney may sign their document in the following manner:

s/John Attorney
State Bar Number 12345
ABC Law Firm
123 South Fifth Avenue 
Seattle, WA 98104
Telephone: 206-123-4567
Fax: 206-123-4567

Or the document can be signed and scanned in .TIF format for E-filing. See GR30 Electronic Filing Rule.

Sealed Cover Sheets

Per GR 22 in Family law and Guardianship cases, the appropriate cover sheet must be attached to the original document(s) for it to become sealed. Sealed cover sheets can be found at the Washington Courts Website under Court Forms.


If you are E-Filing a declaration follow the instructions as described in GR17(2) for facsimile transmission and attach a GR17(2) declaration to the back of your document.

The following documents cannot be E-Filed and must be filed with the Clerk in paper form:

  • Ex parte orders to be signed by a judge in chambers
  • Foreign judgments
  • Certified records of proceedings for purposes of appeal
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Bail bonds
  • Documents presented for filing during a court hearing or trial
  • Documents of foreign governments under official seal
  • Bench copies for the judicial office
  • Bonds in probate and guardianship cases
  • Documents for filing in an Aggravated Murder case
  • Administrative Law Review (ALR) Petitions
  • Interpleader or Surplus Funds Petitions
  • Documents submitted for in camera review
  • Affidavits for Writs of Garnishment and Writs of Execution
  • Writs (that have to be issued by the Clerk)
  • Letters of Testamentary
  • Letters of Guardianship
  • Letters of Administration