Jury Duty Information

If you are selected for Superior Court Jury duty, your term will be two weeks. However, that does not mean that you will spend the entire two weeks at the courthouse: you are "on-call" for jury duty for any trial starting during your term. A trial may extend beyond this term.

Prospective jurors should call our recorded jury message line the Friday evening prior to their jury term at 360-417-2450 for the latest information as to whether they may be required to report for service.

State law mandates that jurors are selected from voter registration, driver's license and identicard holders.

Juror Call-in Procedure

The Courts use a call-in system with a recorded message to inform you if your service will be required. The Jury Clerk will list your juror group Number and advise you where and when to report. Please listen to the complete message. The recorded message phone number is 360-417-2450.

  • Call before your first assigned day of jury duty (anytime over the weekend after 5 pm Friday evening).
  • Call each subsequent evening during the week after 5 pm, or as directed the previous day on the recording.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Jury Clerk at 360-417-2231 or email us.

When you first report for jury duty, have available your mileage from your home to the courthouse.

For additional information on steps taken to protect the health and safety of jurors and frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and resuming jury trials, please see Special Jury Information during the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF).

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