Site Assessment

In December of 2002, the Shooting Range Siting Committee submitted a review and recommendations of six potential sites to develop a shooting range to the Clallam County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The committee consisted of two Parks Advisory Board members. In February 2002, the County Commissioners had requested the Advisory Board to take the lead on selecting a possible site for the shooting range. View the Report and Recommendations (PDF).

Preliminary Wetland Delineation

In July of 2005, Dave Lasorsa, Environmental Coordinator in the Public Works Department, presented a preliminary study of a wetland assessment for the proposed shooting range. The proposed 1,000 yard range was removed from the proposal, as a result of this document.

Timber Sale 2007 to 2008

The State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had a timber harvest in the proposed shooting range area. There are two maps on this link. The second map shows the timber sale area relative to State Highway 112 and the community of Joyce. The 100, 200, and 300 yard rifle ranges are identified on the map. The remaining facilities are to the south across the road. View the Timber Sale Map (JPG).

WesTech Report

In March 2009, WesTech Company of Port Angeles was hired to prepare a Preliminary Environmental Analysis and Feasibility Assessment of the Sadie Creek site. The report was submitted to the Parks Advisory Board at their September 2009 monthly meeting. View the WesTech Report (PDF).

DNR Power Point Presentation

On September 23, 2010, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Clallam County Parks, Fair, and Facilities Department hosted a public informational meeting on the Sadie Creek reconveyance process at the Port Angeles Senior Center. Approximately 100 people attended the meeting. View the Washington State Department of Natural Resources PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) shown by the DNR that night.

Marbled Murrelet Nesting Sites in the Sadie & Susie Creek Area

The DNR provided the County with a Map of the General Vicinity Around the Proposed Shooting Range (JPG) which shows the sites of nesting and former nesting sites of the endangered Marbled Murrelet. The map shows there is a considerable distance between the nearest nesting site, with the required buffer area, and the proposed shooting range. 

Site Plan for Proposed Shooting Range

The proposed shooting range would have three long distance ranges (measuring 100 yards, 200 yards, and 300 yards), a pistol range, law enforcement handgun range, black powder range, archery range, and a clubhouse. This proposal does not include a 1,000-yard rifle range or a shotgun range. View the Proposed Site Plan (PDF).