Sewer Permits, Fee Schedules, Inspection & Installation

A sewer permit must be issued to install a new connection, extension of an existing connection or for a repair or replacement of existing connection. You can view the Sewer Application and Plan Checklists (PDF) for a summary of requirements to obtain a permit.

Sewer Permits & Inspection

Sewer permit applications can be obtained at the County Courthouse, via mail by request, or by downloading the Sewer Permit Application (PDF).

A side sewer plan must be submitted to the County for review and denote materials and standards for side sewers. View a Sample Gravity Sewer Plan (PDF). This plan should include the following elements:

  1. Surface accessible backwater valve (to be installed on all side sewers)
  2. Locations/ dimensions of buildings to be served and property boundaries
  3. Other underground utilities (water line separation 10 feet minimum)
  4. Cleanouts (required at foundations; 45 degree or greater direction/grade changes; every 100 feet of sewer pipe)
  5. Length of sewer pipe from lateral to building (4-inch minimum for single residential dwelling; 6-inch for commercial))
  6. Location of septic tank
  7. Increasers or grease traps
  8. Residential buildings require 6-inch by 4-inch reducer
  9. Vegetation as necessary
  10. Easements (if applicable)

Some properties may not be able to be served by gravity and will require a pressurized system. Contact the County for more information.

A Septic Decommissioning Permit from Clallam County Environmental Health Department must also be obtained prior to issuance of the side sewer permit. Septic systems must be decommissioned per WAC 246-272A-0300.

All work must be left exposed for inspection prior to cover. You can schedule an inspection 24 business hours in advance by contacting:

Carlsborg: 360-417-2379

Clallam Bay/Sekiu: 360-963-2397

Fee Schedules

Current fee schedules for connection, permits, inspection and other applicable fees for the Clallam Bay/Sekiu, Carlsborg or EUGA sewer systems can be viewed on the Sewer Fee Schedule (PDF).

Side Sewer Installation

Property owners are responsible for the cost of providing a 4-inch residential or 6-inch commercial side sewer. View the Contractor List (PDF) to find a contractor experienced in excavating and septic system installation or request one from our office.