Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee Mission Statement

  • To work to enhance inclusive choices for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • To communicate with and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners
  • To achieve full integration, inclusion, equality and acceptance of individuals with developmental disabilities leading to productive participation in the community

RFQ for Employment Services

Beginning in the Fall of 2020 The Clallam County Developmental Disability Program conducted three surveys to assess current knowledge of services and supports as well as the level of inclusion and quality of life individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience in our community:

There were three versions of the survey:

  • One for Self-Advocates (People who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities)
  • One for Support Persons
  • One for Community Members (General Public)

The purpose of these surveys is to provide guidance to the Clallam County Developmental Disability Program, Developmental Disability Advisory Committee (DDAC), and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) in order to address barriers and gaps in local service delivery. As a result, we hope the results of the surveys will help community members to gain a clearer picture of public knowledge of services and educational opportunities that are available.

Survey Results