Homeowner Resources

  1. Common Questions About Septic System Inspections

  2. FAQ's about OSS

  3. List of Licensed Inspection & Maintenance Providers (PDF)

  4. Call these guys to schedule your OSS inspection

  5. List of Licensed Pumpers (PDF)

  6. REMEMBER:  Pumping is NOT the same as an Inspection!

  7. Installing Access Risers

    Save $ now and later with DIY risers

  8. Landscaping Your Drainfield

    Protect your investment from roots in the future

  9. Resources for HomeownersMaintaining Your Septic System

    Do's and Don'ts of OSS use

  10. Marine Recovery Area (MRA)

  11. Do you know if you live in the MRA?

  12. Newsletter: Clean Water Herald, Septics Edition

    OSS resourced gathered over the years. Read and explore the Clean Water Herald archive by topic

  13. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program

  14. All about O&M inspections

  15. On-site Septic System Inspection Status Map  (How to use)

  16. Is your OSS green (current on inspection), yellow (not current) or red (unknown) on our map? 

  17. OSS Homeowner Classroom Education Registration

    In-person classes offered when funding is available, online classes and certification always an option

  18. Rebates, Grants and Loans for Septic Inspections and Repairs

  19. Ways to help with the cost of OSS ownership

  20. Septic Permit & Inspection Info Available Online

  21. How to find it all online

  22. Septic System 'As-Built' Record Drawings

  23. What is an an 'As-Built' and why might you need one?

  24. Septic 101 (online video)

    Introduction to the basics of On-site Septic System ownership

  25. Septic 201 - DIY Homeowner Inspection Program (Online Certification)

    Become DIY certified to submit your own inspections online! 

  26. Submit Homeowner DIY Inspections Online

  27. Log in for homeowner online reporting form

  28. Summary of Septic System Inspection Requirements

    When to inspect your OSS by who and why