Septic Permit & Inspection Info Available Online

Septic System permit information is now available online through the Online Permit System and other Clallam County permit details. This allows all kinds of permit information to be more easily shared with the public.

All online data comes with the following disclaimer: Clallam County and its elected and appointed officers, employees, and agents do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information contained on this website. They shall not be held liable for any costs or losses of any kind caused by any reliance on such information. Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current.

If you find errors or outdated information in Clallam County's online permit information please contact the related department so it may be corrected.

Find Septic Permits & 'As-Built' Record Drawings

Clallam County provides permit information online via the Online Permit System. Permit records assigned to an address or parcel number (the first 12 digits of the Geo ID found on a tax statement) can be found by selecting the second option from the Online Permit System main task menu. Find information about a Parcel of Land (Including links to Permits, Map, Assessor Info, and Documents). 

Online Permit System

Note links to additional Online resources including Assessor Property Records, Online Maps and permit case details shown in blue text. This additional information can be used to help confirm the correct parcel number if necessary.

In the Documents Associated with Cases on this Parcel section near the bottom of the page are links to the documents of the scanned records available for cases found on this parcel of land. Septic permit records are labeled as SEP(YEAR)-(5digit_case_number) and their related documents will be named something related to "permit and as-built".

Click on a document title to open it. You will then be able to print or save the information.

Not all Septic Permit documents have been scanned and not all parcels have complete records on file. If you do not find the information you are looking for online please use the Online Septic System Related Documents Request Form to email a request to search for additional documents.

Find When a Septic System is Due for Inspection

Clallam County Environmental Health Services (EH) maintains a database of all the septic systems in the county. This database helps to track when a professional inspection or homeowner inspection is reported as required by the Department of Health to meet State septic system inspection regulations. Onsite Septic System owners can use the Online Permit System to help remind them when a septic system needs an inspection to be in compliance with WAC 246-272A-0207.

  • Septic Operation and MaintenanceGo to the Online Permit System and select the Find information about a Parcel of Land (Including links to Permits, Map, Assessor Info, and Documents) option.
  • Enter the first 12 digits of a tax parcel number (Geo ID) found on property tax statements OR put in an address. Incomplete information will return multiple parcels from which to choose.
  • Click Search and select the parcel that matches the criteria given using address and ownership to verify.
  • Scroll down to Permit Cases Associated with this Parcel Record.
  • Click on the septic system's SOM case, SOM(YEAR)-(5digit_case_number). This case number is also equal to the Septics 201 DIY User ID if you are certified to inspect your septic system.

A View Case Status page will open.

The SOM case is the septic system's Septic Operation and Maintenance record where inspection information is tracked in EH's permit database. This case shows the date of the septic system's Last Inspection and when the next Inspection Due date is. Under Case Process Steps you will also find all historic inspection dates and database follow-up activities on record.

The SOM record will also show a case Status at the top of the page.

  • Reports Current means the system is current on its inspections and no action is needed.
  • Reports Not Current or No Reports means it is past time to schedule an inspection!
  • System Deficient means the last inspection indicated some action was needed like pumping the septic tank or fixing a broken pipe. To update a deficient report to Reports Current, you must submit a copy of the receipts showing the required work was completed to EH.

Documents related to the case will be available and links to electronic inspection reports (submitted by professionals through onlineRME and homeowners through the Septics 201 DIY Program online) should be found in the Septic System Inspection Reports section. 

Not finding any information? Inspections prior to 2009 may not be listed. Any inspection not reported to EH or found to be invalid will not be in our database. Just a reminder that simply having a septic tank pumped does not meet the requirements of a valid inspection under State RCW 246-272A-207. If you have any questions, please use the links at the bottom of the page to contact Environmental Health Staff.

A static version of the Clallam County Onsite Septic System Inspection Status Map last updated January 1, 2023 is available online with links to the Online Permit System.

Follow the interactive OSS Status Map use instructions to locate and identify the parcel of interest to see when the next inspection is due and the required inspection frequency based on septic system type.

Find Septic System Inspection Records

Most inspection records since 2009 have also been scanned into the permit database and are available by using Clallam County's Online Permit System. Septic System inspection records can be found under Permit Cases SAN(YEAR)-(5digit_case_number) or SOM(YEAR)-(5digit_case_number). When inspection dates are given under the Case Process Steps as System Inspected - Online, those records will also be found in a regional online inspection database called onlineRME used by professional O&M providers to report septic system inspections electronically. A link directly to those reports should also be available under the SOM case view of the Online Permit System but sometimes the number of links overflows into the text section below making it difficult to read. 

Please Note

As of 2021 the links to Homeowner DIY inspections reports must be accessed directly through the Septics 201 DIY users account once signed in.

Inspection Records SearchAccess onlineRME Inspection Records Online

1. Go to onlineRME's Public Records search page.

2. Be sure Clallam is selected as the County of record for the search and then enter the address information of the location of interest. Note that if the property you are searching for does not come up, you can type just the street number or the street name to narrow down the search. You may also use the Tax ID (Geo ID) number if known to locate a property from the Search For dropdown list.

3. Click the yellow Submit Search button at the bottom of the page. If multiple sites match the information given, they will all be listed to select from using the Magnifying Glass Icon located to the left of the tax ID.

4. Choose the site of interest to open the Property Details page. The septic system inspection reports will be found by navigating to the Service History under the Site Work History heading on the left sidebar.

Property Search5. The Service History page will show all inspections available for the site by date. Select the inspection of interest using the Clipboard Icon under Report. The inspection report will open as a PDF document to be saved or printed as needed.

When documents cannot be found online or if you experience any difficulties finding the document you are looking for, please contact us using the Online Septic System Related Documents Request Form to submit a request for additional information by email.