On-site Septic Professionals (Contacts & Definitions)

The professionals who designinspectinstall and pump your septic system must be licensed or permitted to operate in Clallam County.

Septic System Designers (Current PDF List)engineering Opens in new window

Septic System Designers are licensed by the State of Washington Department of Licensing. To be licensed, they must undergo certain training, give evidence of experience in on-site design, and pass an exam. Anyone licensed by the State of Washington may design in Clallam County. In addition, Professional Engineers licensed by the State of Washington may submit designs. Please refer to the telephone book for a listing of local engineers. Designers are the only septic professionals who may submit system status report inspections for governmental actions, i.e. lot alterations, building permits, change of use, and food service establishments. Designers, along with Maintenance Providers can perform system status report inspections for property transfers and routine septic system inspections to meet State septic system inspection and maintenance requirements.

Septic System Inspection & Maintenance Providers (Current PDF List)

Septic System Maintenance Providers are licensed by Clallam County Environmental Health and provide the service of routine inspections and maintenance of septic systems. They have passed a written test and have demonstrated knowledge of septic systems with continued education, are bonded and insured. They may also perform system status inspections for property ownership transfers. However, there are some limits to the scope of system status inspections performed by this category of professionals. They are not permitted to perform system status inspections in relation to governmental actions, i.e., lot alterations, building permits, changes of use and food service establishments. The list of Maintenance ProviderBackhoes currently licensed to inspect all types of septic systems (conventional gravity, pressurized and other alternative type systems) is updated frequently.

Septic System Installers (Current PDF List)

Septic System Installers are certified by Clallam County Environmental Health following an exam, demonstrated knowledge of septic systems, and proof of bonding and insurance. Installers who are based outside of Clallam County may install within the county only if they are certified by Clallam County.

Tank Pump Opens in new windowSeptic Tank Pumpers (Current PDF List)

Septic Tank Pumpers are permitted by the Clallam County Environmental Health. Pumpers may be permitted to pump both septic tanks and portable sanicans, or to pump only sanicans. Pumpers who are based outside Clallam County may pump tanks within the county only if they are permitted by Clallam County. Septic tank pumpers are not licensed to perform septic system inspections. Please see the list of currently licensed Septic System Maintenance Providers when your septic system requires an inspection. Some Maintenance Providers are also permitted pumpers and will be found on both lists.