Growth Management & Urban Growth Area

2009 GMA compliance proceedings regarding Rural Low (R5) Interim and Western Region Rural Low (RW5) Interim zoned lands (previously Rural Moderate (R2) and Western Region Rural Moderate (RW2) zoned lands, respectively)

Last updated March 30, 2009

The "2009 GMA compliance proceedings." The Western Growth Management Hearing Board's (WWGMHB) Order and Decision invalidated the Carlsborg UGA and Rural Moderate (R2) and Western Region Rural Moderate (RW2) zoning districts. In response, Clallam County adopted interim controls, but has also appealed the WWGMHB's decision to Superior Court. However, the County takes the issues raised in the WWGMHB decision very seriously. State law requires that the County pursue compliance with the decision of the Hearings Board, even if it chooses to appeal that same decision to the courts. This dual-track system, with the Hearings Board retaining authority to require compliance with its decisions and the County pursuing its right to appeal those decisions, can create an enormous hardship on County staff and the public in participating in both processes. Nevertheless, by pursuing both the mandatory act of compliance and the discretionary act of appeal, the Board of Clallam County Commissioners is attempting to keep all of the County's options open and control the County's destiny - even as the County complies to the Hearings Board's decisions as required by law.