Carlsborg Community Advisory Council

Carlsborg Community Advisory Council was dissolved on November 30, 2021, under Resolution 89, 2021 (PDF).

On June 17, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners reestablished by Resolution 62, 2008 (PDF) the Carlsborg Community Advisory Council (CCAC). This council represented the diversified interests of the Carlsborg community, and its members made recommendations for the growth and development of the Carlsborg Urban Growth Area. The CCAC generally met on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings were held in Carlsborg at 6 pm. 

View the last posted Meeting Packet (PDF)

Member Positions

  • Business or real property owner within Carlsborg Industrial zone
  • Resident within UGA not including manufactured / mobile home community
  • Resident of manufactured / mobile home community within Carlsborg UGA
  • Business or real property owner w/in Hwy 101 commercial zone
  • Member-at-large
  • Member-at-large
  • Business or real property owner within the Carlsborg Village Center