Posting Bail

About Posting Bail for an Inmate

Clallam County Corrections Facility accepts bail for inmates by either cash or bond only.

When a person is arrested, he or she may have the opportunity to Post Bail. This is a payment that the arrested person may be able to make to the court in order to leave jail until trial.

The amount the judge sets for Bail is predicated by the seriousness of the crime and can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. If the defendant is able to Post Bail, he or she is released and required to return to court for their trial.

Payment Options

Business Hours

View the Courthouse Hours Page.

Payments must be made at the appropriate court, see the following for contact information for each respective court: District Court I, District Court II, and the Superior Court. Bring your receipt provided by the Court to the Jail Lobby as proof of payment and release.

Payments will not be accepted at the Jail during regular business hours. No Exceptions.

Non-Business Hours

Bail Bond: Contact Bond Agent from the Approved list: Justified Bail Bond Companies (PDF)

Cash Bail: Contact Jail Lobby by pressing the intercom button on the East Side entrance of the Courthouse.

  • Bring the Exact Cash Amount to the Jail Lobby: No change is made. No Exceptions.

Online Bail:

  • Have your credit or debit card ready.
  • Please have the following Inmate information available:
    • Enter inmate's full name: First, Middle, and Last
    • Date of Birth
    • Amount of Bail
    • Inmate Jacket Number (Jail Roster available online. Not given out over the phone)
  • Pay Bail Online on GovPayNet.

GovPayNet Pay Bail Online

Phone Bail: Dial 877-392-2455 to speak to a GovPayNet Bail Specialist.

Help Desk: Need help with your GovPayNet Bail transaction? Call 877-EZBAIL5 (877-392-2455)

Disclaimer: GovPayNet is a private debit and credit card processing company and will be the Merchant of Record for all bail-related payments consumers make through the GovPayNet remote bail service.