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About the Jail Facility

The Clallam County Corrections Facility was built from 1978 to 1979 and opened in 1980.

Originally designed to house 72 inmates with a special detention unit, the Jail now operates with a bed capacity of 120, and the special detention unit (SDU) has been remodeled to include a chain gang/inmate worker housing unit.

In 2009 corrections processed over 3,000 bookings of inmates with crimes ranging from Minor in possession to Murder 1.

Quick Numbers

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Contacting Inmate by Mail

Mailing address:
Inmate's Name
223 East 4th Street, Suite 20
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Don't forget to include a return address with your full name at the top of the first page of the letter.

  • All letters and correspondence for inmates must be sent through the United States Postal Service.
  • Standard US postal first class, one-ounce letters only: 6 and a half inches by 11 and a half inches by one-quarter inch.
  • Certified or Registered mail will not be delivered to or from the Post Office by jail staff.
  • No incoming publications, packages, books, or magazines will be accepted unless pre-approved in writing by the Shift 2 Corrections Sergeant.
  • No funds through mail
  • Letters will only be accepted if written on standard white or yellow lined (school/legal) paper.
  • A limit of 10 pages per letter.
  • A limit of 4 photos per letter.
  • Only black or blue ink.
  • No colored paper or envelopes.
  • No greeting cards.
  • Sender's name and return address, and inmate name will be printed at the top of the first page of letters.
  • Inmate is responsible for informing their correspondents regarding the rules governing inmate mail.

All personal incoming mail is scanned and copied to plain white paper. The copied letter and/or photos are delivered to the inmate and the original letter is placed into the inmate's property until released from custody.

Contacting Inmate by Phone

Clallam County Correction Facility offers phone access to each inmate in virtually every cell block. Inmates are encouraged to use the phones to contact friends, family, attorneys, as needed. All outgoing calls from the cell blocks are collect.

Note that Clallam County corrections has switched phone providers. Please contact Consolidated Telecom Inc below for account information.

Accepting an Incoming Call

Your phone line must be able to accept collect calls via your phone company. Follow the instructions given by the operator. Collect calls will be billed to your account as stated.

Blocking a Phone Number

Call 360-417-2458 to block your phone number from jail inmate phone calls.

Removing a Block from a Phone Number

Come to the Clallam County Jail with a valid photo Identification (ID) and a recent phone bill with the phone number on it and your name as the primary. We will not remove blocks without ID and proof of ownership of the phone number.

Prepaid Accounts and Technical Support

Fusion provides inmate phone service to the Clallam County Correction Facility.  To set up an account for prepaid numbers you can call 877-998-5678 or visit their website and click the ‘My Account’ button.

Visitation Rules and Hours

  • All visiting is through video visitation. To set up your account go to VisiTel's website.
  • Visits are limited to thirty minutes at a time and no more than sixty minutes per day.
  • Visitors must be dressed in clothing appropriate for a public venue. The following is considered provocative or inappropriate for all video visiting: 
    • Tube tops
    • Tank tops
    • Halter tops
    • Mini-skirts
    • Shorts and skirts that are higher than three inches above the knee cap
    • Transparent clothing
    • Shirts cut off at the waist
    • Anything low cut, overly tight, or revealing
  • The decision to visit based on attire will be at the discretion of the Correction staff. Failing to follow this dress code will result in suspension or denial of future visitation.
  • Visitors will need to provide a new photo and copy of ID to VisiTel online for approval.
  • Inmates sentenced to ten days or less are not allowed visitors.
  • Visitors must be eighteen years or older and provide current valid governmental photo identification to enter or visitors under eighteen years of age must provide birth certificates or proof of age and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is on the inmate's pre-approved list.
  • Visitors are allowed one free on-site visit per week. Visitors must be pre-approved and have a scheduled slot for visiting prior to arriving at the jail.
  • Remote visiting is available on your personal computer or mobile device at an additional cost. For more information go to VisiTel's website.

Onsite Visitation Schedule - Clallam County Jail

First Letter of Last NameDay(s)Time(s)
A to KSaturday8 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm
L to ZSunday8 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 3 pm

Remote Visitation Schedule - Clallam County Jail

First Letter of Last Name
All InmatesMonday to Friday
10 am to 1 pm
All InmatesSaturday to Sunday
4 pm to 10 pm