Temporary Food Service Permits

Temporary food permits are required for any event where food is served to the public, even if it is given away for free. These permits are required in order to ensure that vendors understand the hazards involved in food handling and are equipped to handle food properly in order to prevent outbreaks of foodborne illness from occurring.


Complete an application for a Temporary Food Service Permit (PDF) and submit it with the correct fees (see application) at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the event. An Environmental Health Specialist will review the application, and contact the applicant with questions or any necessary changes. For more information, download a detailed brochure (PDF) about temporary food service permits.

*Late fees are an additional 50 % of the base fee for all temporary food service permit applications not received 14 days prior to the event for which the permit is being requested. All fees must be paid before a permit will be issued.

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