Please report inappropriate food handling practices and / or unhealthy conditions at food establishments to the Environmental Health Division as soon as possible.

Clallam County Food Safety Specialists respond to all complaints in a timely manner. This usually involves a visit to the site in question, assessment of the problem, working with the site owner or manager to correct the problem, and education of other staff to avoid the problem in the future.

You may make a complaint in person, by phone or by email. 

When makcomplaint iconing a complaint, please include the following:

  • Your name and a way to contact you (phone and / or email). You may make an anonymous complaint, but this limits the Food Safety Specialist's ability to gather more information about the situation.
  • The name and location of the food establishment. We can only perform inspections at facilities located in Clallam County, Washington.
  • The unsafe food handling practices you observed or experienced. The date and time of your experience is helpful as well.

If Someone Got Sick

The only way to confirm that you have a foodborne illness is a medical lab test. Environmental Health does not have the facilities to do this type of test. Please visit your physician for testing and any medication you may require. Please also contact Environmental Health to report your illness.