Dungeness Recreation Area Master Plan Update - 2017

Please note, that the Dungeness Recreation Area Master Planning process has been placed on hold until further notice. There is no work currently occurring on this plan. (May 23, 2019)

Dungeness Recreation Area Master Plan Update

The Dungeness Recreation Area (DRA) is a 216-acre County regional park, with 66 campsites and miles of pedestrian and equestrian trails. Waterfowl, pheasant, and deer hunting were once an active pastime within the borders of the park, but hunting was stopped in January 2013. This action allowed the park to expand the camping season from 8 months per year to year round. The park is a very popular destination for those wanting to view the scenery, camp, and pass through on the way to the Dungeness Spit.

The effort to create a master plan for DRA began in 2006. The process culminated on September 21, 2010 when the Board of County Commissioners approved the final Master Plan.

In January 2017, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (Parks Board) approved updating the DRA Master Plan. This action was taken in preparation for the 2018 grant cycle of the State's Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). The RCO manages grants from various federal and state sources. Anticipating the grant funding requirements, the Parks, Fair, and Facilities Department and Parks Board began working on the research needed to update the Master Plan. The landscape architect firm of GreenWorks was hired to assist the Parks Department with updating the current Master Plan. GreenWorks specializes in landscape architecture and environmental design, and worked with the County on the 2007 approved Master Plan as well.

DRA is located on a "feeder bluff" which is a applied to certain coastal cliffs or headlands that provide sediment to down-current beaches as the result of wave action on the bluff. Park improvements are needed to provide amenities to the park visitors and mediate the issues the park faces due to the continual bluff erosion.

The DRA is adjacent to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, which is operated and maintained by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Accessing the Refuge, visitors must travel through the DRA to reach the trailhead to the Dungeness Spit and Refuge. The proximity to the Refuge produces challenges for both agencies, which over the years has created a symbiotic relationship. The aspects of this relationship are being taken into account during the Master Plan update.

  • The 1st Public Meeting to present possible improvement options was held on November 9, 2017 at the Sequim Prairie Grange Hall, and comments regarding the future of DRA were gathered from those attending the meeting. A survey was used to collect more data from those unable to attend the meeting(s).
  • A second public meeting was held on March 6, 2018 as an opportunity for the community to comment on the proposed preferred plan presented at this meeting. An extended comment period followed the March meeting for the public to voice their opinions on the preferred plan. All of the comments received during this process will be used to determine a final updated Master Plan recommendation.

Background information for the Master Plan has been placed on these web pages, and as more data becomes available, it will be added to the website. We recommend you return from time-to-time to check out the new information.

Notice: Additional background information, comments, and a narrative have been added to the Master Plan Update web pages. If you wish to comment on the plans, email Park Department any comments.

Revised May 23, 2019