Roads Division

General Road Information

The Clallam County Road Department's administration office is located in Port Angeles, the County seat. The Road Department builds and maintains the County's motorized and non-motorized transportation system. The Road Department works with the Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization to ensure that the County's road and trail system is well planned, has adequate funding from sources outside the County and that the system provides efficient connections to other transportation providers.

Clallam County maintains 488 miles of roads and 34 bridges within 1,750 square miles of Clallam County. These roads include 485 miles of Bituminous Surface Treatment and Asphalt Concrete Pavement, and 3 miles of gravel roads. Roads not under the responsibility of the County Road Department include: state highways, such as Highways 101 and 112; city streets in Sequim, Port Angeles, and Forks; Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, and Department of Natural Resources roads; and private roads. Approximately $4,500,000 is spent each year covering all aspects of road maintenance. Major road reconstruction is performed by private contractors with the Engineering staff providing the design, contract writing, and inspection of the work. Approximately $3,000,000 is budgeted each year for road reconstruction.

Paying Your Permit Fee

You can pay with most major credit or debit cards online via LexisNexis.

LexisNexis charges a fee of $2.50 for debit and credit card payments, and a $1.50 fee for e-check payments (withdrawal from bank account). Maximum transaction amount is $300. We cannot accept credit or debit card payments over the phone.

All these fees are set by LexisNexis and are subject to change. Please note: the County cannot absorb fees associated with accepting E-Checks and credit/debit cards. The only way we can accept such payments is by contracting with service providers such as LexisNexis, with the fees charged by such service providers paid by the customers who choose to use this service.

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