Drug Use

Possible Drug Use Danger Signs To Watch For

  • If your child starts changing friends suddenly and/or stops associating with long-time friends.
  • Your child becomes argumentative and difficult to communicate with when you talk about friends and becomes overly sensitive in accounting for their activities.
  • Grades start to decline, withdrawal from any sort of athletic or social functions, and discipline problems begin at school.
  • Your child begins to dress in all one style and/or hairstyle becomes subject to drastic change or a complete lack of concern for appearance and/or hygiene.
  • Drug graffiti appears on books, notebooks, wall posters, clothing and jewelry.
  • Your child wants their own bottle of aspirin, Pepto Bismol, or room freshener.
  • You find model glue, but your child does not build models.
  • Your child starts using a good deal more of mouthwash.
  • Your child starts burning incense.
  • You start finding empty containers of liquid paper, lighter fluid, paint thinner, felt tip pens, gasoline, hairspray (more than normal), orajel, and over-the-counter sinus medicine.
  • Your child starts using "vitamins" or herbal medicines.

Helpful Tips For Parents Concerning Drugs

  1. Talk to your child about drugs. If you don't, someone else will.
  2. Work to establish and maintain communications with your child.
  3. Establish and clearly articulate family values and norms. Whether you like it or not, you are a role model.
  4. Know your child's friends and their parents. Know where your child is and whom they are with. This isn't prying; its your job.
  5. Know where to turn when you need help.
  6. Educate yourself about the issues facing youth these days. Be a resource for your child.
  7. Encourage hobbies and other interests.
  8. Set rules and limits and enforce them.

We thank the Lexington Kentucky Prosecutor's Office for permission to reprint this information.