Seasonal Resident - Snowbird

You can vote in Washington State even if you are away from home during an election.

To make sure you receive your ballot, update your seasonal mailing address with our office. Fill out a Seasonal Address Application (PDF) or visit our office in person. Please provide the first and last days you'll receive mail at this address, and we will send your ballot to that address each year between those dates.

Although your mailing address can be anywhere in the world, your residential address must remain in Washington State. For more information about voter residency, visit the Secretary of State's webpage on Residency Requirements.

Being an informed voter

Information about ballot measures and candidates:

  • The state General Election Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to every household in Washington. If you need to request a copy of the state Voters’ Pamphlet to be mailed to you, call 800-448-4881 or email
  • For personalized ballot measures and candidate information that includes local races, visit the VoteWA website.