How to Locate an Address on the Map

Clallam County's new interactive maps currently use the built-in world geocoding service, and so may not find addresses on streets and roads that were recently added to the map. We intend to add our own Clallam County locator, which will find addresses on any road we have mapped.

(Note that this tool will find the theoretical location of any address that could have a valid location. Locating an address does not indicate that that address actually exists, but rather, where it is if it does exist, or where it would be if it were to be assigned in the future.)

From any of the web maps:

  • Enter the address in the search box in the upper left corner of the map viewer. Possible matching addresses will list below the box as you enter more detailed information. Choose the one that appears to be the desired address. Notice the "City Line" of the address, and make sure you choose the correct city.
  • The map will center on a dot, labeled with the address. This is the approximate point where the driveway leaves the road. (or where the front door faces on urban addresses)
  • To remove the dot, click the "X" in the search box, it will be located to the right of the last line of the address. (this also removes the outline on a selected parcel, if you use the search box to zoom to a parcel.)