Bagley Creek Streamwalk Report

July 7, 2001

  • Team Leader and Report Author: Sue Nattinger
  • Other Team Members: Scott Buck, Rene Ewbank, Gino Lucchetti, Ross Hallett
  • Hours and Sites: 35 person-hours at 7 sites
  • Distance: Approximately 4 miles of Bagley Creek


The 3rd annual Streamwalk on Bagley Creek covered 7 different sites ranging from near the headwaters by Township Line Road to the mouth; including the 3 established monitoring reaches and the proposed new reach. Sites a, d, f, and h were long segments walked, while b, e, and g were observed from a point. Site c was skipped due to lack of time.


Extensive development is occurring in the upper watershed. So far the stream itself seems to be minimally impacted due to wide buffer zones of moderately heavy mixed forest. The upper stream character maintains healthy quantities and varieties of bends, pools, large woody debris (LWD), and streamside shrubbery. However, the substrate varies from clear and cobbly to silty and mucky. Deforestation and development upstream may contribute to the apparent siltation within the stream.

Large sections of the lower two miles have been channelized or otherwise altered to accommodate human usage and access. The streambed is relatively straight and lacking in bends, LWD, and pools. Noxious weeds are present but not dominant. Culverts under roads are potential fish passage barriers, however, several juvenile cutthroat trout were seen at the highest point visited (pool below Township road culvert).

Water quality appears excellent, however, with increased development, the potential for degradation is high.

Overall Assessment

Bagley Creek is a very healthy stream with potential as good fish habitat. The stream needs more LWD, especially in the lower reaches.


  • Continue to monitor the effects of development and logging in the upper reaches.
  • Consider culvert replacement with fish-friendly types.