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Robin Hill Farm County Park

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Robin Hill Farm Storm Damage Status Update 02.28.2023

Robin Hill Farm County Park 2022 Storm Recovery Update 03.09.23

Robin Hill Farm County Park 2022 Storm Recovery Update 11.24.23

Robin Hill Site Plan 2023 (PDF)


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Robin Hill Farm County Park Areas

Robin Hill Farm County Park November 2022 Storm Recovery Update

November 24, 2023

Approximately one year ago, Robin Hill Farm County Park (RHF) experienced a substantial storm, leaving the park trail system unsafe and largely impassible. County parks staff, private sector, and non-profit organizations have endeavored to restore the park’s appearance and functionality. 

 During the month of December 2023, County Staff, the Weekday Wonders Work Crew Volunteers, and a grant-funded crew from the State of Washington Conservation Corps will process any remaining storm-related brush piles and determine if remaining stumps, logs, and root balls should be attended to or left for habitat according to The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and/or United States Forest Service (USFS) recommendations.

 In late December, after the above-mentioned residual storm restoration has been completed, resurfacing of equestrian horse trails with wood chips will commence. Historically, wood chips have been applied to delineate equestrian trails from pedestrian and bicycle trails at Robin Hill Farm County Park.

 Note: a section of the pedestrian trail just south of The Park Pinnell Parking lot that was previously covered with chips will have the chips removed in preparation for a future application of gravel compliant with the United States Forest Service (USFS) and State of Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) specifications.

 In the winter months of 2024, the Clallam County Park Department and Park Board will collaborate to determine additional revegetation needs and efforts and ensuing park management actions.

For additional questions, comments, or volunteering, contact us by phone at 360.417.2291 or email at

Park Information

Robin Hill Farm County Park is located between Port Angeles and Sequim off Dryke Road, 0.25 miles north of U.S.101. The land-locked Park has 195 acres of forest, meadow, and wetland. There are approximately 3.4 miles of developed foot trails and 2.5 miles of equestrian trails.

Walk or run the shady park trails, or ride your horse through stands of tall Douglas Fir and along rolling meadows. Visit one of several ponds that dot the landscape or stretch your legs, with a stroll along the tree-covered trails. Your leashed dog will enjoy exploring the sights, sounds, and scents of this former farm property. The Olympic Discovery Trail gallops alongside the Park, providing a shady place for the trail user to rest.

The Olympic National Park has leased five acres of Robin Hill Farm County Park to construct and maintain a plant propagation facility. The native plants grown at the facility are being used in the re-vegetation effort in the Elwha River Valley where two former hydroelectric dams stood and the lake beds behind them.

There is an active volunteer Adopt-A-Park program that provides maintenance of Park facilities. Check out our volunteer opportunities, under the Parks Volunteers page, if you are interested in participating.

Trail User Information

Foot and bicycle users may use any trails. When encountering horses, on designated horse trails, pedestrians should step to the side of the trail, avoid sudden movements and talk to the rider. Bicyclists stop completely to yield to foot and horse users. Trail surfacing is often deep and soft and not conducive to cycling.

Horse trailers access the park via the Dryke Road park entrance.

Horses must remain on horse trails only. Horses should remain at a walking gait, including in the meadow area which has many hidden holes and irregularities.

Dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after.