How do I begin a road vacation?

A road vacation process is instituted by petitioning the Board of County Commissioners to authorize a resolution to do so. The County's Right-of-Way Agent will prepare the petition, identifying the legal description of the area you want vacated. Recent changes to R.C.W. 36.87 make it necessary to have the petition be signed by "the owners of the majority of the frontage of any County road" being vacated. However, it is recommended that you obtain signatures from all parties who are serviced by the road or right-of-way to show that they are in concurrence with your request.

Right-of-Way defined as "Class C" in Clallam County Code Chapter 9.04 means any right-of-way where a public interest in that right-of-way was extinguished (or vacated) automatically by operation of law. It is generally a right-of-way dedicated in a plat that was recorded prior to March 12, 1904, and which remained unopened for five years after authority was granted for opening them in accordance with Section 32, Chapter 19, F. 603, Laws of 1889-1890. This form of vacation is generally governed by R.C.W. 36.87.090. As such, the County does not offer any procedure, formal or informal, that would recognize or formalize this automatic extinguishment of the public's interest in a Class C right-of-way.

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1. How do I begin a road vacation?
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