How can I find my lost, stolen or found items?

The best way to find property once it is lost or stolen is to have up-to-date records, pictures, or video noting serial and model numbers if available, or to place an 'owner applied number' on items without a serial number. Unique numbers make identifying and matching items to the rightful owner simpler, as a national database is used to track stolen and recovered items via serial number once the item is reported lost, stolen, or found. However, if this information is not available, a detailed description will help, as will a general idea of when and where the property was lost or stolen.

The Property Room holds found property for sixty days, after which time items may be disposed of or auctioned per state law. Items of a personal nature (such as identification or credit cards) are destroyed, or (in the case of passports, military IDs EBT cards, or mail) returned to the proper agency.

To see if the Property Room is holding your found property, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is the property and description?
  • Does it have a serial number?
  • Where and when was it lost or stolen?
  • Did you report it lost or stolen?
  • Did you receive a phone call or letter notifying you of the recovery?

The Property Room will make every effort to return the property to the rightful owner(s). If an item is turned in where it can be traced back to someone by name, phone number, address, or serial number, a Property Officer will attempt to contact the owner via phone or letter to make arrangements to return the item.

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1. How can I find my lost, stolen or found items?
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