Is the proposal consistent with the Washington State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan?

Yes. However it is not the County's decision to make. That responsibility falls to the DNR. Locating a public shooting range is listed in the Clallam County Parks Master Plan, which is approved by both the Parks Board and the Board of Clallam County Commissioners, and is consistent with our plan. Our plan is on file with the State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) and qualifies us for State and Federal grants, including the FARR grant (Firearms and Archery Range Recreation), which is managed by RCO.

The State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) document includes the following points:

  1. Recognize outdoor recreation sites and facilities as vital elements of the public infrastructure, essential to the health and well-being of Washington citizens and important to visitors.
  2. To assist local and state agencies in providing recreation sites and facilities that benefit our citizens' health and well-being.
  3. To provide adequate and continuing funding for operation and maintenance needs of state-owned fish and wildlife habitat, natural areas, parks, and other recreation lands to protect the State's investment in such lands.
  4. To work in partnership with federal agencies to ensure the availability of a variety of opportunities and settings for outdoor recreation.
  5. To encourage all agencies to establish a variety of financial resources which can be used to significantly reduce the backlog of needed outdoor recreation, habitat, and open space projects.

There are two service tools used to measure the effectiveness of the State's investment in outdoor recreation. Each of these service tools has a set of three guidelines to measure the success. The baseline for the State is resource protection, but this reconveyance is for the County, a local agency. The service tool aimed at local agencies reads: "Local agencies are encouraged to emphasize individual active participation, balanced with facility capacity, service area, facility condition, and public satisfaction."

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1. How will the alleged environmental concerns of unsuitability for the proposed site be addressed?
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7. Is the proposal consistent with the Washington State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan?
8. What conditions, if any, should the DNR place on the reconveyance to coordinate management, including public use of adjacent trust lands?
9. In a flyer posted at the Sadie Creek ORV Trailhead, it stated there will be a ricochet danger from the shooting range. Is this true?
10. Recently, at the Salt Creek Recreation Area, lead and other compounds were removed from the old military shooting range proving the proposed shooting range is a bad idea. What is your response?