Where do you go to obtain this help?

If you are a victim of a domestic violence crime, immediately call for help from law enforcement. Whichever agency investigates should be requested to inform the judge that a no contact order is required as a part of the crime that is charged. As a further follow-up, contact the appropriate court as soon as possible and request through the clerk's office or the prosecutor that you wish that a no contact order be issued as a part of the preliminary appearance or arraignment process. If a domestic violence protection order is the appropriate alternative, you make an application with the Superior Court Clerk's Office. A civil anti-harassment protection order is obtained at the Clallam County District Court office.

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1. What are the three different alternatives available for protection?
2. Where do you go to obtain this help?
3. How do you apply for an anti-harassment protection order?
4. Are there restrictions on where you can file?
5. Is there a fee to file an anti-harassment petition?
6. How does the court decide if there is harassment?
7. What kind of protection can the order provide?
8. What if the order is violated?