Proper disposal of solid waste is important to protect public health and the environment. In the interests of public health, Environmental Health Services (EHS) investigates complaints about improper disposal of solid waste. EHS receives approximately 45 solid waste complaints each year.

EHS responds to all complaints in a timely manner, based on the nature of the complaint, and not on a 'date received' basis. Junk vehicle complaints or affidavit requests are referred to the Department of Community Development Code Enforcement. Burning garbage complaints are referred to the Olympic Air Pollution Control Authority.

An investigation begins with a visit to the site to assess the problem. If a complaint is determined to be a violation, a letter is written to the property owner and the property occupant. The letter gives 30 days to clean up the property and asks for receipts or other means of verification that the waste was disposed of properly. If there is no response from the letter a second letter is sent to the property owner and occupant. A record of the complaint becomes a part of the property's parcel file.

ComplaintsComplainants are not typically notified of the result of an investigation. However, all County records are public and anyone may request a copy of the investigation findings. EHS treats complaints as confidential unless told by the complainant that this is not necessary. However, there are legal procedures that the property owner or others may go through to find out who initiated the complaint.

If you wish to file a complaint you may call Environmental Health at 360-417-2258 or email us. If you choose to contact us, please have the complaint location information available.